TAG: The Professional Association of Lecturers in Youth and Community Work is a member organisation that represents the interests of academics, educators and researchers in the field of youth and community work. The association supports and represents in excess of 250 educators at over 50 institutions and agencies in the UK. We seek to promote an informed understanding of youth and community work in the UK, and across the Globe, through connecting our membership through conferences, events and sector activity.

The Association has its roots in the emergence of youth and community work as a distinct profession in the UK and we often refer to ourselves as TAG, in recognition of the former 'Training Agencies Group' that enabled the development of many youth and community work education programmes in the UK dating back to the 1970's. TAG itself was formally superseded by the Professional Association of Lecturers in Youth and Community Work in 2010 but recognition of TAG is retained in the legal title of the Association and is used interchangeably by members in referring to the Association.

The Association has a particular function in supporting the teaching of professionally qualifying awards, however, we welcome interest in the Association from academics, educators and researchers working in the field of youth and community work across the UK and our membership categories reflect the diversity of our membership. You can find out more about membership and engaging with the Association via the membership menu at the top of this page and we welcome new interest in membership from educators, academics and researchers in the UK and overseas. Non-members can also subscribe to our free monthly bulletin for ‘friends’ of the Association that wish to keep up to date about our activity and sector news.