Connect with the Association

Through Membership of the Association:

The Association is committed to connecting academics, educators and researchers working across institutional and agency settings. We welcome new members from across the youth and community work sector that share our interest in youth and community work education. Information on joining the association is found on our Membership page with links to our members area and a contact form for membership enquiries.


Through Subscribing as an Institution:

The majority of our members are lecturers in institutions or agencies offering further and higher education programmes that lead to (or build towards) professional qualification in youth and community work. Many of these institutions subscribe to the Association and secure membership for their teaching staff. A searchable list of institutions that offer professional qualification(s) and subscribe to the Association is included on the Subscribing Institutions page.


Through Participation in the Secretariat:

Our membership is represented through 'the secretariat', a quarterly gathering of members that hold responsibility for a particular area of interest or activity for the Association. The secretariat meets with the Associations Officers and acts as a membership council, or senate, for the Association. The secretariat aims to be fully representative of our membership and we welcome new representation, regularly reviewing and renewing membership of the secretariat. The membership and representative function/responsibility of secretariat members is included on the Secretariat page.


Through becoming a Sector Associate:

The Association is forming closer working relationships with a number of agencies that have allied interests in the field of youth and community work education. A selection of agencies with whom the Association and its members regularly work is included on Sector Associates page.


Membership Information
There are many benefits to becoming a TAG:PALYCW member. Find out how you can join us and engage with our members
Subscribing Institutions
We are pleased to recognise the support of Universities that subscribe to the Association in support of their teaching staff
The Secretariat
The Secretariat is a group of members that meet quarterly to report and consult on areas of interest to the Association
Sector Associates
Sector Associates are agencies and academic organisations that share our focus on youth and community work education.
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