The Association is a membership organisation that is led by a group of elected Directors (also referred to as Trustees). The Association has a policy of appointing six Directors that also act in the capacity of Trustees of the charitable company for the period of their election (The Association is required to maintain a minimum of three Directors at any one time). The Directors divide oversight roles and responsibilities within the Directorate and commission the role of a National Officer to support their activities in fulfilling the charitable objects of the Association.

The Directors term is usually three years and two Directors step down/stand for re-election on an annual basis. Elections take place at the annual general meeting and Directors take up their responsibilities from the 1st September. The role of Directors and officers are reviewed annually and assigned at the discretion of the Directors.

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Christine smith

Chair of the Association

Christine was elected as a Director in June 2016 taking up the Chair of the Association in May 2018. Christine represents the Association on the English Education and Training Standards Committee. Christine is a Lecturer and Professional Practice Co-ordinator in Youth Work and Community Development at the University of Hull.

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Dr Jane Melvin

Vice Chair of the Association
(Treasurer & Trustee)

Jane was elected as a Director in June 2013. Jane maintains oversight of the international engagement across the Association. Jane is a Principal Lecturer at the University of Brighton with responsibility for the BA(Hons) Youth Work and she holds a Professional Doctorate focussed on 'Youth Work in Digital Spaces'.

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Secretary of the Association

Sheila was elected as a Director in June 2015 and acts in the capacity of Secretary to the Association. She also represents the Association on the English Education Training Standards committee. Sheila is Senior Lecturer and Faculty Lead for Postgraduate Education at the Open University.

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Dr Sinead Gormally

Research Director

Sinead was elected as a Director in June 2017 and holds the office of Research Director. Sinead is a Senior Lecturer in Community Development and Adult Education at the University of Glasgow and programme leader for the BA(Hons) Community Development.

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National Officer

Paul is appointed by the directors as National Officer of the Association. Paul supports the directors in managing membership activity and Association development. Paul is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an independent consultant to agencies across the youth and community sector.



Conference & Events Director

Jo was elected as a Director in June 2018. Jo acts as the Director overseeing the Association's Annual Conference and Events programme. Jo is the Course Leader and Senior Lecturer for Youth and Community Work at the University of Worcester.

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Tim Howell

Membership Director

Tim was elected as a Director in June 2018 and acts as the Director overseeing membership development, support and regional groups. Tim is a Lecturer in Youth and Community Work, and admission tutor, at the University of Derby.

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