Confirmation of Presenters at the Association's Annual Conference 3rd-5th July 2019

We are pleased to confirm the list of contributors and presentations for our Annual Conference on the theme of ‘Critical Pedagogy and Professional Practice in Youth and Community Work Education.’ to be held at Bishop Grosseteste University Lincoln. This year’s conference will include presentations on workforce and education strategies from national agencies, including the recent report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Youth Affairs Inquiry in to Youth Work, and a series of seminars to share the research outcomes, learning and practices across our membership. The emphasis will be on dialogue, discussion and debate as we convene to refresh our commitment to youth and community work education in the 2020’s.

Opening the conference on Wednesday 3rd July on the theme of Critical Pedagogy:

  • Mike Seal, Reader in Critical Pedagogy and Newman University Birmingham

  • With a response from, Ilona Buchroth and Liz Wooley from University of Sunderland

Provoking discussion and dialogue about national approaches to workforce development and education in youth and community work will be:

  • Dr Marion Allison, Head of CLD Standards Council Scotland

  • Leigh Middleton, CEO of the National Youth Agency

A suite of 15 seminar presentations* will take place on Thursday 4th July, including:

  • Chris Herriot (De Montfort University) presenting on:
    ‘Transformational Teaching & Learning in a Managerialist Straitjacket’

  • Andy Turner (Goldsmiths UoL) presenting on:
    ‘Voice 4 Deptford: Empowerment, tension and social movement’

  • John Lockhart (UCLAN) presenting on:
    ‘Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be: Pedagogical strategies to tackle the culture of silence’

  • Louise Sheridan (University of Glasgow) presenting on:
    ‘The Look of Love - Youth Participation through a Freirean Lens’

  • Dr. Sinead Gormally (University of Glasgow) presenting on:
    ‘Applied Critical Pedagogy: Perspectives on teaching professional practice in HE’

  • Elen Ghassempoory and Emma Chivers (University of South Wales) presenting on:
    ‘Anti-Oppressive Practice: From the classroom to professional practice’

  • Jean Hatton (University of Huddersfield) presenting on:
    ‘How do cisgendered lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer (LGBQ) women youth workers use their self in youth work settings?’

  • Jane Melvin (University of Brighton) presenting on:
    ‘Towards a Digital Hybrid Pedagogy for Youth Work’

  • Mike Gilsenan (Newman University) presenting on:
    ‘Co-Creating Learning: Preparing for an unexpected Journey!’

  • Tania de St Croix (Kings College London) presenting on:
    ‘Youth impact in policy and practice – putting practitioners and young people at the centre?’

  • Tyrrell Golding (The Open University) presenting on:
    ‘Adult volunteering in work with young people: hidden learning, hidden outcomes’

  • Frances Howard (Nottingham Trent University) presenting on:
    Reflections on evaluating the impact of music programmes on young people’s health & wellbeing’

  • Angela Hancock (Bishop Grosseteste University) presenting on:
    ’Dynamix System Voices’

  • Asrani Gopaul (University of Mauritius) presenting on:
    ‘Assessing the impact of climate change on youth and youth work in an island economy: the case of small state Mauritius’

  • Rachael Fell-Chambers (Bishop Grosseteste University) presenting on:
    ‘Alternative curriculum: Lessons from nature’

For more details and announcements on the conference, visit our conference pages

*Seminars and presentations are subject to change based on presenter availability