The Professional Association’s Annual Conference 2019

The Association gathered for its 2019 Annual Residential Conference at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln. The small University campus, steeped in history as a centre for educational practice, provided a fitting location for us to explore the conference theme of ‘Critical Pedagogy and Professional Practice in Youth and Community Work Education.’  The conference provided an open space to present, discuss and debate the changes, opportunities and learning from engagement in youth and community work education, professional practice and policy impact from across the sector and across the four UK nations.

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3rd to 5th July 2019

Critical Pedagogy and Professional Practice
in Youth and Community Work Education

As we approach the end of a decade of austerity, the impact on the youth and community work sector has been extensive. Our constructs, assumptions and traditions have been challenged in the face of diminishing resources and conflicting priorities. We have witnessed a substantial shift in the delivery of services to young people and communities; an emergence of concerning social issues that are shaping young people’s lives; and a change in the character of Higher Education as a force for societal good.

The turbulence of the last decade continues to present critical questions for the role of youth and community work; and the function of Higher Education as a route in to the profession. Conference explored the challenges and opportunities presented by the status quo with a focus on critical pedagogy, professional practice and the future of youth and community work education.

The 2019 conference included presentations on workforce and education strategies from national agencies, including the recent report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Youth Affairs Inquiry in to Youth Work, and a series of seminars to share the research outcomes, learning and practices across our membership. The emphasis was on dialogue, discussion and debate as we convened to refresh our commitment to youth and community work education into the 2020’s. Contributions to the programme included an embrace of the breadth of research, learning and practice activity across our membership as detailed below:

seminars will address:

Critical Pedagogy:  We invited contributors to present research and critical theory that provide a social critique of our practices in addressing issues related to youth and community work education.

Professional Practice: We invited contributors to present on research, reflections and practices focussed on the development of professional practice in youth and community work education.

Following an open call for papers and workshops on themes that address theory, research and educational practice we welcomed fifteen seminar presentations and you can view the list of presenters and abstracts via the button above.

Presentations, where available, can be accessed below:

Conference Programme

what to expect from the programme

The conference programme commenced with lunch on Wednesday 3rd July at 12.30pm and closed with lunch on Friday 5th July following our annual general meeting.

The conference programme centred around four aspects:

Sector news and updates: with invited guest speakers and presentations from member activity across the sector.

Seminars and workshops: presentations and discussions led by members based on their research and professional practice.

Networking and collaboration: space to connect with members through social time, workshops and excursions.

Association business: conference includes a short AGM and formation of working groups for priorities in 2019-2020.